Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh! Christmas Tree!

The tree is up!  It began with this...

This is my very fake tree.  Yep, I caved about 8 years ago.  I LOVE the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, all the way until January 1st.  A real tree just couldn't survive the dry California air, and I couldn't survive the dead pine needles.  This is our 2nd artificial tree, and I love it.  I spend literally hours "fluffing" this baby a section at a time to get it looking it's best.  It's worth all that work, because it turns out lovely.  Pictures just don't do it justice. 

Only the beginning...there were at least 5 more bins after these were unloaded...

This is one of my very cherished ornaments. It's from Christopher Radko, and is the "Disney Magic" cruise ship, purchased on our Disney cruise vacation in 2002.

Our tree has no color theme, no fancy ornaments.  It's a collection of memories, places we've been, special moments in our family.  Every ornament brings back a special time in our lives.  Wedding day, anniversaries, births, vacations, activities, even pets (past and present).  Eventually my children's ornaments will be given to them for their own Christmas trees.

This is Sassy's first Christmas, and she is enjoying it thoroughly.  Starting with shimmying  up the inside of the tree...yikes...

Eventually, it all comes together!

Next up, the dining room...

More to come!


  1. Pretty! I love everything you've done...very warm, festive, and inviting! ~Liz

  2. Lovely! I also finally went "fake" a few years ago. Florida weather just didn't agree with my tree. I love decorating my tree and the memories attached to special ornaments. I had so many I finally made some of them into an ornament wreath.

    I've been off blogging for a few months, so it's nice to be back in blogland and see what everyone's been up to.