Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Fall Topiary

How to make this pumpkin topiary


I started with 3 medium carvable pumpkins from Michael's, $8.99 each (50% off).  For the monogram I used Microsoft Word, selected the font I liked in size 400, and printed it.  I taped it to the front of the pumpkin.  I then used a pin to "trace" the outline of the letter by pushing it thru the pumpkin.  Just push enough to make an imprint.


Use a pencil to connect the dots; then a sharpie to outline and fill in.

 Drill a hole through the top and bottom of all 3 pumpkins a put a dowel through.
I used a large round styrofoam ball inside a plastic urn as the base for the topiary.

There was still space for the ball to move so I stuffed some plastic bags around the ball to stabilize it.

Insert the dowel thru all 3 pumpkins and into the styrofoam ball, add some greenery, pinecones and other fall filling in the urn; pop a bow on top  and you have a beautiful fall topiary!

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