Monday, January 24, 2011

Boys Room Headboard

Headboard 101 - ** Lots of pictures!! **

I finally tackled a headboard for Our Boy's room.  It was super simple.  I started with a piece of plywood from Home Depot, about $13.  Standard sheet size is 4 x 8.  Our Boy has a full size bed, the width aproximately 54 inches.  I cut the plywood to 54 inches for the width, leaving the height 4 ft.

After a chalk line was made, the wood was cut
Once the cut was complete, I used painter's tape to cover the edges.  I planned to cover the entire sheet of plywood with vinyl, and didn't want the rough edges to tear the vinyl.  I did end up sanding the sides a bit too to clean the edges.
Next step was adding the foam.  I used adhesive spray and attached 2 inch foam.  Using pieces 22" x 22", it took 2 and 1/3 pieces of foam. 
The foam was 1/2 off at JoAnn's, about $7 each.
Next step - covering with vinyl.  Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale!  I bought 4 yards, $9.99 a yard; the most expensive part of the project.  You could certainly use any fabric, microsuede would look really great.  I chose vinyl so that will be easy to clean.   I used a staple gun to attach - super easy.
I tucked the vinyl underneath the foam on the front, stapling in place so it fit nice and tight.
The vinyl is backed with a thin layer of felt, which created the look of wrinkles; it was easy to lift and smooth out.

The vinyl easily folded to the back, then secured it with more staples.

Once all the sides were stapled, this is what the back looked like.  Since I had plenty of vinyl left, I decided to cover the back too. 
All done!
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  1. Great project. I'm sure he loves the faux leather look!

  2. Looks great--very impressive!!

  3. What a great feeling when you pull together a fantastic DIY project, your son must be loving his new headboard. Koodos!!!!

  4. Great headboard and tutorial. thanks for joining the party.

  5. Hi Rhonda, very nice to meet you.
    I am originally from Southern Ca.
    You did a great job making that headboard.
    Kudos to you. I am sure your son is very happy with the results. I am your newest follower.
    I would be delighted if you followed me back. Enjoy your day! One tip! Take off the comment word verification. Most people don't like to comment if you use it. Smile... Linda