Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Summer Saturday in January

Our weekend weather is unbelievable!  82 degrees in JANUARY!!!  Hubby and son and I spent the day in Los Angeles.  Spent Friday night in Marina Del Rey, and Saturday in Long Beach visiting the Queen Mary.  Even as a southern California native, I'd never been to see the QM!

Marina Del Rey, just south of LAX, was beautiful.  It really felt like a summer day.  View from our room...

First stop was breakfast in Marina Del Rey.  We found a wonderful little spot called Cafe Buna on Washington St. 

If you go where the locals go, it's almost always the best place to eat in town; and the food at this itty bitty standing-room-only place was delicious.

Starting with a yummy latte...

and my favorite, Eggs Benedict; called "Zuni's Benedict" here...

Hubby had this luscious Buffalo Burger...

Super yummy place.  Next it was off to Long Beach, to see the famous Queen Mary.  Built in 1934, the Queen Mary was purchased by the city of Long Beach in 1968, where it is permanently docked.  It is now a hotel, and has restaurants, bars, and meeting rooms.  You can also tour the old engine room, and read about it's history.

A view of Long Beach from the top deck

Hubby and Our Boy

Our Boy and me

Indoor shops on the Promenade Deck

Having fun


  1. What a great trip! And beautiful weather!! We are still digging out from the snow, a week later.

  2. So much fun!!! And that Eggs Benedict? YUMM!!! I so need to learn how to make that ;-)

    Happy Friday Girl.


  3. Caffe Buna looks super yummy! Your trip looked like it was amazing... especially with such ideal weather. So happy I just found your blog!